Cleaning Pest Control & Landscaping

  • Housekeeping cleaning services is essential to meet and exceed today’s varied service expectations. PIMCO ensures that each property receives the highest standard of housekeeping & hygiene. PIMCO’s objective is to provide and maintain high standards of cleanliness which are both sustainable in its delivery and offers value for money. It is without doubt that first impressions gained on entering a building are strong and long lasting and to ensure International Cleaning Standard and Services, a comprehensive cleaning schedule is submitted which provides the tasks of each employee from the Supervisory level. Pest Control Services: We can arrange a pest control inspection, and if necessary, a thorough pest control treatment. Our intentions are to provide a complete solution for a pleasant and pest free environment. PIMCO’s Facility and Property Management will provide, put in place and manage appropriate processes and procedures that will provide an effective response to pest and vermin infestation. Landscaping: The professional and efficient garden design team will work to achieve your specific requests with superior results.

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